About Automated Platting

automated platting Automated Platting was founded in 1998 with the intent of restoring confidence to CAD base files. We have coined the phrase "Subdivision Geometrical Spell Checker" in order to best describe the results which our software brings to 2D geometry in a subdivision layout.

Since 1998 Automated Platting has worked relentlessly to evolve our software in order to best serve the land development industry. With our current service offerings, we have rewritten the book on how firms bring a new project to fruition and the timeline involved in doing so.

Automated Platting's patent pending technology allows for automated lot creation with computer controlled accuracy in addition to validating existing CAD base files. All quality control features for the final plat base file have been automated with both graphical cues and text report files. This translates into a reliable base file that can be created and/or validated automatically without costly time delays or human error.