Services and Costs

Automated Platting, Inc. offers several levels of final plat production services, ranging from complete layout, to final draft quality base files. Each of these services is covered in our client contract as well, but has been listed here for quick reference.

lotfit analysis services

Automated Drawing Validation for CAD Errors

CL - Complete Final Plat Base file Layout

$20.00 for each lot and tract but not less than $500.00 to be performed pursuant to Form Set CL, which includes mathematically validated boundary, ROW, centerline and lot line linework, including annotation sets but excluding Final Draft items.

LV - Product Final Plat Closures & Annotation using Client-Supplied Line Work

$10.00 for each lot and tract but not less than $250.00 to be performed pursuant to Form Set LV, which includes mathematically validated boundary, ROW, centerline and lot-line line work, including annotation sets, but excluding Final Draft items.

LVP - LV Plus Lot Width and Depth Validation

$13.00 for each lot and tract but not less than $300.00 to be performed pursuant to Form Set LVP, which includes mathematically validated boundary, ROW, centerline and lot line line work, including annotation sets, but excluding Final Draft items.

FD - Final Draft - AP Validated Line Work Only

Finalize Final Plat basefile for sheet production. Include the addition of Form CLFD and LVFD items such as sight and P.U.E. easements, tract and street dimensions, and "polishing" the appearance of all final plat annotation at $5.00 for each lot and tract but not less than $200.00. Additional fees for extensive or specific labeling requirements are included in the table above.

LFA - Automated Lot Fit Analysis

Validate client supplied building footprints within setbacks or supplied building envelopes. Full Analysis includes lot base files, building templates, and Excel spreadsheet. Preliminary Analysis includes Excel Spreadsheet. Lotting Study includes re-lotting new product widths while holding blocks and a Prelimary Lot Fit Analysis. Full area reporting and CAD base file geometry is included with the Lotting Study. CL & LVP projects already logged in our system qualify for a $10 per lot discount.

$65 Per Hour - Miscellaneous Consulting Services

Miscellaneous consulting services and base file line work updates shall be at the time and materials rate of $65.00 for each hour.

Additional Fees

Revision Fees

Revisions to CL1 files resulting from interpretive comments to the original concept are not an extra fee, and are considered part of our commitment to a good job. Once the file has been accepted, as satisfactory, then subsequent revisions will be done on a time and materials (T&M) basis for minor changes. Examples of minor changes would include the adding and dropping of lots, shortening or lengthening cul-de-sacs, adjusting tract widths, etc.

However, changes which imply a large conceptual change to a portion of the project will incur a fee of 50% of the layout fee on a per lot basis for the affected lots. Examples of a conceptual change would involve significant changes to the street patterns, and/or a change in the lot zoning which affects adjusting lot depths and/or widths.

Automated Platting, Inc. understands that changes will always happen and we work at addressing them efficiently and error free. These fees are intended to be fair and understandable. It is our intent not to bear a burden to our resources due to large changes, while not seeming to be punitive with our fees. We welcome feedback on this issue.

Expedited Fees

Automated Platting, Inc. strives to maintain a focus on the lives and wellbeing of its employees. AP is also aware that on occasion project requirements demand a constricted and accelerated production time that would dictate extra effort for all involved. Therefor, at the discretion of AP regarding workload and being able to maintain a quality product, clients may request an expedited product. Expedited infers working whatever hours, nights, and/or weekends it would take for AP to complete the final plat product.

Such accelerated timelines are available at a cost of twice (2x) the normal fees. Complete layout designs would be $40 / Lot instead of $20 / Lot for example. Again, the acceptance of an expedited project is at the discretion of Automated Platting, Inc., depending upon whether the personnel to accomplish the job are available, and whether the existing in-house workload can be reorganized to accommodate the request. Although these restrictions may seem rigid, AP does not wish to jeopardize the quality and integrity of its final products for any client. AP would prefer to be honest regarding its capabilities whether or not it could complete an expedited task, rather than generate a sub-standard product.

Final Draft Option

The final draft service is optional each project, and is not considered a requirement for a complete form set by AP. Automated Platting, Inc. would like to suggest that the final draft service only be requested once the design is underway, and there are no changes remaining to affect plat information. The reason for this is twofold.

Turnaround Times

First, unlike most of AP's services, the final draft is a manual drafting intensive procedure. Therefor, AP requires a five (5) day notice for completion of the final draft product. More advance notice may be optimal for complex or large area jobs, but five days is sufficient for most files.

Regeneration of Plat Information

The second reason is automation. Any change to design that alters the geometry in any way requires AP to rerun its annotation and validation software to maintain file integrity. This rerun erases all existing annotation and recreates it to ensure that all line work is labeled properly. This recreation process would eliminate all annotation that was moved or rotated for cosmetic reasons, and would require AP to completely redo the final draft process.