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automated platting products

Automated Drawing Validation for CAD Errors

geometric discrepancies checking for parallel and concentric rows

⇒ End Point Gaps and Untrimmed/Unextended Entities
⇒ Non-tangent Arcs
⇒ Perpendicular and Radial Lines
⇒ Parallel and Concentric ROW Lines
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Lot Validation According to Zoning Criteria

lot restrictions lot area validation

⇒ Depths and Widths
⇒ Minimum Areas
⇒ Graphic display of Zoning Window
⇒ Multiple Zoning definitions
⇒ Multiple Side yard setbacks shown within Zoning Window
⇒ Front and Rear setback lines provided in drawing
⇒ Closed Polylines generated from front and rear setbacks for each lot
⇒ All Lot Restrictions dimensioned
⇒ Corner lot products highlighted
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Closed Polylines for All Significant Figures Created from Parent/Child Entity Types

closed polylines

⇒ Boundary Closures
⇒ Centerline Closures
⇒ Right-of-Way Closures
⇒ Block Closures
⇒ Lot Closures
⇒ Tract Closures
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Annotation Features

unlimited annotation scales

⇒ Multiple scale options from the same parent/child entities within the same file
⇒ All annotation groups formatted with multiple layer control options
⇒ Monument and tic marks grouped by scale for each annotation set
⇒ Sheet specific line and curve table creation software provided with basefile
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Automated Drawing Validation for CAD Errors

lot child entities

⇒ Parent Entities include all Boundary, ROW, Lot and Centerline entities
⇒ Entities computer maximized to their greatest whole expression
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Automated Drawing Validation for CAD Errors

lot area report

⇒ All subfigure areas tabulated and closed to their parent figure areas
⇒ All non-conforming geometrical conditions grouped according to figure headings
⇒ Traverse Closures
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